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The world’s most capable Tow-Mirror

REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors are precisely designed and engineered in the Netherlands using high grade materials, so these tow-mirrors fit 99% of all cars, vans, trucks, 4×4’s, SUV’s and RV’s without damaging the vehicles body & paint work.

Your Tow-Mirror Options

Stainless steel arms
Aluminium arms
Arm lengths 28, 33 & 44cm
Flat mirror
Convex mirror
Anti-glare tint

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Tow-Mirror Installation

Installing the tow-mirror to your exact position for optimal vision is now possible using REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors.

Tow-Mirror Features

Universal Fit

REPUSEL Tow-Mirror fits 99% of all cars, 4×4’s, vans, RV’s, SUV’s and trucks. An extension strip is available for the biggest wing mirrors.

Easy Installation

REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors are such a simple and effective design. One person can install a tow-mirror in 3 easy steps with all finer adjustments being made from the comfort of your car seat.

Protects your vehicles body and paint work from damage

REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors’ unrivalled mounting system means no more costly and unsightly stress abrasions and marks on your tow vehicles wing mirror housing and doors. This really does give you piece of mind on the longer journeys and unsealed roads.

Self Closing Wing Mirror Friendly

Has your car got self-closing/parking wing mirror features? No problem! The REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors have been designed to protect your car by accommodating and working with self closing vehicle wing mirror systems.

Fully Adjustable

REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors come with a fully extendable arms and pivotal mirror heads. This combination offers the driver precise selection to 99% of all possible mirror positions affording the best view for the tow.

Safety Mirror Glass

REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors use Anti-Shatter Safety glass meeting the European Safety Regulations. So should the unthinkable happen, you know you have done all you can to protect your self, and your passengers from harmful shards of glass.

Mirror Finishes

No more sun strike! Driving with the sun low on the horizon has been a real issue for drivers using tow-mirrors for a long time now. Not anymore! Select the Anti-Glare Tint mirror finish to eliminate the sun strike.

E Mark Certified

REPUSEL Tow-Mirror range has been awarded the “E-mark.” This means your tow-mirror complies with all safety and quality European Union requirements. What other tow-mirror option has achieved this?


REPUSEL uses robust industrial grade materials. All materials are carefully selected and tested, granting you long service life and function under the strain of use and time in all environments.

Market Tested and Proven

REPUSEL has a proudly been supporting caravan owners for over 30 year around the world. REPUSEL has proven it self in market places synonymous with accepting only the best in quality, design intelligence and safety. This means REPUSEL products are tested daily in some of the toughest conditions and will perform exactly the way you want it to.

All Parts are Replaceable

REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors are designed to allow any part to be replaced. This also means you can swap-out or up-grade certain components to suit your immediate requirements.

Exclusive Design – No Competition

REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors are an exclusive patented registered design. Only here will you find the most functionally effective tow-mirror with unrivalled performance in today and tomorrows tow-mirror market.

What is E-Mark?


The e-mark is a widely recognized mark in the automotive industry covering the safety requirements of automotive vehicles and their components across Europe.

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In order to prevent potentially dangerous equipment from being installed onto a vehicle, aftermarket equipment must surpass rigorous standards and testing. Only when this is achieved can it be awarded the e-mark.

The e-mark is the proof of compliance with directives (laws) required by the European Union; these directives are issued by the Council of European communities. This EU law requires that all aftermarket equipment designed for automotive use needs to have been awarded the e -mark; in order to prevent potentially dangerous equipment from being installed into a vehicle. All products carrying the e-mark have been thoroughly tested to ensure the quality of business ethics, manufacturing processes and product quality control so all users get on the road with peace of mind.


5th in Best New Product category; SEMA 2009 Show.


Red Dot Design awards finalist.


Truck Trend Magazine loves it.


More Vision for Towing – We like simple solutions, especially ones that don’t penalize us when we’re towing. That’s why we like this quick-attach, extendable mirror unit from Repusel that gives us all the extra vision we need when trailering our 4×4 but doesn’t need to be there when we don’t. The system is designed not to slip off the factory mirror or do any paint damage. The Repusel towing mirror is perfect for towing your caravan, RV, trailer, or 5th-wheel trailer.“ – Truck Trend Magazine The Pick Up & SUV Authority.

REPUSEL Tow-Mirrors are all about driver focused dynamics to optimise your vision while towing.